NOBASE Records is an independent label and self-taught collective based in Milan, Italy, dedicated to the unconventional exploration of avant-garde music, embracing DIY sound, media arts, site-specific installations and TAZ. 

We are rooted in spontaneous culture. We do things our own way, with no compromise, disturbing and not wanting to be disturbed. 

NOBASE Records is glitch in the matrix of the mainstream music scene. It is not about sound but about hacking sound perception. We are looking for the free manipulation of frequencies and sound waves as open source code. 

We move in the underground of the music scene, navigating the deep cuts of the underground with a radical DIY attitude. We don't follow trends or fads, but chart our own course through the unexpected and the unknown. 

Each NOBASE release is a manifesto of sonic rebellion, a foray into the frontiers of experimental music and an invitation to rewrite the rules of the game. 

At NOBASE Records, creativity is urban guerrilla: fragments of sound, white noise and dissonant harmonies merge into a sonic orgy that defies aesthetic norms and embraces chaos. We promote a new era of sound, where every performance is a ritual and every track a revolution. 

Join the noise revolution. Break the base. 

NOBASE Records